About Us

Who We Are

Not Enough Media is a media platform for pop culture lovers. It began as a conversation between two friends and coworkers who loved pop culture. We would meet to talk about all our favorite tv shows and movies. So we decided to make a podcast! From there we realized we wanted to write about pop culture too. So we made a blog! Then we decided we wanted to make videos, so we started a YouTube Channel!

We have a mission behind everything we do. We want to look at the why behind pop culture and how it affects us. Everything in pop culture has a reason behind it, whether it’s by the creator, producer, director, writer, or actor. Pop culture affects us all in differect ways, and that’s where interpretation comes in. So in all our content we try and find the ways pop culture relates to society and to us on a personal level.

The Team

Brandon Rucker

CO-FOUNDER Journalism major, film/tv/music reviewer, who enjoys scriptwriting, writing, and cooking.

Trajan Douthit

​CO-FOUNDER A&T student who loves film, television and majors in Mass Media, upcoming reviewer and future TV producer.

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