By Nicole Mae

Recently, the Golden Globe nominees were announced. Entertainment award shows have always been a highlight of pop culture and, in recent years, a reflection of our country. However, there was always something missing: diversity. Representation of our mixed culture society is very pivotal in media, particularly on screen. Fortunately, this year we can see an array of candidates who aren’t just white and male.

On the other hand, we still have a long way until the nominees are as diverse and equal as we’d like and as we need. We are still lacking female directors in the predominantly male industry. We also don’t have an award for non-binary or gender fluid actors, the nominations are still strictly “male” and “female”. Hollywood has had numerous actors come out as fluid or non-binary within 2018. The award shows should represent, evolve, and include more of the LGBTQ+ community as a whole.

In particular, with the rise in awareness of the LGBTQ+ and the struggles those who identify non-hetero experience, it is important to recognize the talents and abilities of these particular minorities.

Growing up, I know that I, personally, would have been much more aware of the gay community and the role I played in it if I were informed that there were other people who felt the same I did. Representation in mass media is not, as many conservatives would like to put it, about “shoving gay agenda down the throats of the country” but much more about informing others that it is okay, accepted, and to acknowledge that who you are is important and okay.

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